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Product Promotion Meeting in SIPPR Engineering Group Co.,N Ltd

Release time: 2014-07-03 source: center The author: admin print The shop name: smallIn thebig

     In recent years, SIPPR Engineering Group Co., Ltd has rapidly developed and has built many excellent industrial projects. In order to vigorously promote our Group's products and technologies in this Group, Sales Department and our Group's Marketing Department held promotion meeting for our group's products in No.4 Branch of SIPPR Engineering Group Co., Ltd. This Product Promotion Meeting pooled together many leading architectural designers from SIPPR Engineering Group Co., Ltd. Our Group, cladding system products and project performance were explained, accompanied by heated discussions. Designers highly recognized four-faced tongue-and-groove composite board and WS-166H roofing system from our company, highly commended aesthetic aspect, practicability and price positioning among similar products, and stressed that they enjoyed obvious advantages in development of future high-end industrial factory buildings with increasingly stringent requirements for building façade effect and water, cold bridge resistance effect, and would certainly be recognized by more and more enterprises. In addition, thanks to super-large organizational structure of our Group, its excellent performance in numerous large high-end industrial and public building projects and annual business volume much exceeding other peer manufacturers in the industry, our Group also received much praise from leaders of SIPPR Engineering Group Co.,N Ltd.