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Steel Plates for Steel Structure Building Have Become the Holder of

Release time: 2014-08-25 source: 东方日报 The author: print The shop name: smallIn thebig


Internet-of-things management system of China Construction Steel Structure Corp. Ltd incorporates information sensing devices including electronic chips, radio frequency identification (RFID), sensor, global positioning system, wireless reader etc to enable real-time monitoring of raw-material steel products and finished construction members, and share basic data among multiple departments and multiple links. 

  As high buildings encompass thousands of steel components, once a quality problems is identified, it is always time-consuming, laboursome and inefficient for tracing problem source; now one internet-of-things management system for tracking and recording in the whole process from steel products to steel construction members has been put into use, only clicking with mouse can lead to know well steel product suppliers and installation units. 
  According to working personnel, with adoption of internet-of-things technology for steel structures, each construction member has such label which contains different content, in other words, label on each construction member is unique "electronic identify card".