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Steel Structure Building: New Growth Point for

Release time: 2014-07-30 source: 经济日报 The author: print The shop name: smallIn thebig

According to data released by Wang Xiaoqi, Vice-president of China Iron and Steel Association, in July, 2014, steel structure buildings accounted for less than 10% of all buildings nationwide in China, while such figure in developed countries such as USA exceeded 40%. For the steel industry beleaguered by excess production capacity and meager profit, current excessively low proportion of steel structure buildings means that tens-of-millions-of-ton steel demand needs to be tapped; now it is ripe for taking actions. 

   "Currently, the proportion of steel structure buildings being less than 10% will certainly be improved somewhat, it will reach 20% at the end of the 13th Five-year Plan period,", Chen Ziqi believed, "Though given China’s national conditions, such proportion will not necessarily reach 40% like foreign countries, current market still has untapped potential, after all, popularization of steel structure is conducive to not only resolving contradictions from excess production capacity in the steel industry but also promoting structural optimization and upgrading of the building industry, which is common opportunity and challenge for both industries."

    It is worth noting that in the steel industry, currently most of steel enterprises except Baosteel which has done something in steel structure have not yet made in-depth arrangement in steel structure market, thus actions need to be taken in the steel industry as soon as possible.