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Launch of "10,000-mile Journey for Steel Structure"

Release time: 2014-09-10 source: 新华网 The author: print The shop name: smallIn thebig

Chenyang · Chinese 10,000-mile Journey for Steel Structure" press conference and Shandong Station launching ceremony under the theme "For Green Chinese Dream, With Steel Structure, I Go First" was successfully held in Beijing on July 20. This activity will lead to visit of domestic steel structure enterprises for 10,000-mile journey in 8 - 12 months. 
This activity is designed to successfully arouse a sweeping green tide of "For Green Chinese Dream, With Steel Structure, I Go First" in the steel structure industry and its upstream and downstream industry chain nationwide, and vigorously popularize advanced steel structure building system and its auxiliary products, and promote real development of the steel structure industry in green, environmentally friendly direction while developing resource sharing and strategic cooperation platform for steel structure industry associations, organizations, upstream and downstream steel structure enterprises nationwide so as to engage in extensive alliance, ubiquitous communication and wide-ranging cooperation in the steel structure industry.