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Deputy to the National People's Congress: Energetically Popularize Steel Structure Building System

Release time: 2014-03-11 source: 长沙晚报 The author: print The shop name: smallIn thebig


Every construction of 10,000m2 new building generates 400 - 600t building rubbishes, while every removal of 10,000m2 old building gives rise to more building rubbishes - 5000 - 7000t. How to break away with the predicament in which building rubbishes besiege cities? Lu Guiqing, Deputy to the National People's Congress, suggested that building should be "suitable" rather than indiscriminately large, spacious, and steel structure building system should be vigorously popularized.

Lu Guiqing advised that efforts should be made to inhibit excessive and extravagant consumption of buildings, and persist in the principle of "suitability", and prevent investors from blindly making comparisons by showing which building is larger and more spacious, and rationally reduce building resource consumption so as to mitigate resource consumption by starting from source. Furthermore, green building system should be actively promoted, and green building, green construction should be developed. Lu Guiqing also suggested that specialized body for building rubbish recovery and disposal should be established, and recycling economy should be intensively developed to turn rubbish into wealth, bad into good.