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Project Updates

Steel Structure "Allied with" Concrete

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Recently, Tianjin Yining Medical Center Project undertaken by our company proceeded smoothly. With total building area being approximately 170,000m2, this Project is located in Tianjin Airport Economic Development Area and covers an area of 60,000m2. All of its roof and wall cladding systems were built by CENTER. Main body was concrete structure and planeness requirement for wall skeleton was increased, thus construction became relatively difficult. In response to this, Project Department of our company overcame series difficulties such as relatively large onsite errors, high-temperature operation, exercised strict quality control, and carefully dealt with each detail in the process of construction, which was specially commended by the owner. This Project commenced on June 23, 2014. So far, walls have been smoothly installed. This Project is expected to be completed by October 30, 2014.