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Project Updates

Good News—Preliminary Acceptance of Guangzhou Beijing Automotive Project was Concluded

Release time: 2014-04-17 source: 森特股份 The author: admin print The shop name: smallIn thebig

   Warm celebration: Guangzhou Beijing Automotive Project passed preliminary acceptance on one-off basis on April 16, 2014.。

  Covering an area of 1,347 mu (one mu = 0.0667 hectares), this Project is located in Zengcheng City - "Hometown of Litchi" in Guangdong Province. This Project commenced on October 29, 2012, which was crystallized by generous support from this Company’s leaders, close cooperation from various functional departments and unremitting efforts from all staff members of Project Department. With 535 days of efforts, this Project successfully passed preliminary acceptance on April 16, 2014. 

    Construction of this Project was accompanied by many irresistible obstructions. Commencement of welding workshop building coincided with rainy season, during which rainfall lasted for 20 days per month, roads became muddy, workers performed operations in muddy water; vehicles can't enter construction site due to wet and slippery road surface and were only dragged by excavator. Moreover, after all peripheral scaffolds of civil construction unit were removed, coating workshop building needed to be additionally provided with external veneers; with superb construction capability, construction team of our company used mounting frame to install purline support boards and made perforation again to balance wall height differences, and finally kept horizontal accuracy of purlines. 

   This Project tested our company' attitude in case of difficulties and witnessed well-proven construction capability of our company. Our company has been greatly recognized by Guangzhou Beijing Automotive Company and hailed as one company with hard power.