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Shenhua Guohua Power Plant Project was Smoothly Started

Release time: 2014-09-19 source: 森特股份 The author: admin print The shop name: smallIn thebig


According to Shenhua Guohua Gas Power Plant Project Department, Shenhua Guohua Gas Power Plant Project has successfully commenced, 

  Construction site of Shenhua Guohua Gas Power Plant Project is located at Jinyu Road, Gao'An'Tun, Chaoyang District, Beijing and adjacent to Gao'An'Tun Waste Incineration Plant. This Project is divided into 14 unit bodies, among which three unit bodies feature steel structure. Our company has signed contract concerning 73,321m2 walls and 13,646 m2 roof. This Project was formally started on July 15, 2014. Currently, purline supports of gas turbine room and steam engine room have been installed, and purline installation has commenced, and various aspects of construction are going well. This Project is expected to be fully completed by December, 2014.