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Care for employees

Set Sail

Dear fellows:

As time flies, you have received internship in EXPERT for near half year; getting along with you for more than 100 days made me deeply experience your sunshine and positive energy! At first, I was extremely afraid about how to lead you as highly shapable young people with prominent personality born in 1990s; now we can chat with each other without reserve, cry and smile together; we grow and progress together in the whole process! I found youth lost for a long time from you; you are the first batch of interns in EXPERT led by Manager Han and me; as Manager Han said, you looked like our children; you will go to the society soon. After you come out of school, your role will be thoroughly changed and you will transform from interns to corporate regular employees; our relationship will also become the true one between colleagues. My feelings are very mixed, I am glad and also feel lost somewhat, which looks like the situation where parents say goodbye to children for study and class teacher bids farewell to his graduates!

You as young people need no embellishment; as a matter of fact, you remain children and may take pride in, for one day, doing a good deed and also be self-condemned for one night due to one wrong thing. Actually, this is due performance of yours at this age bracket and you do not need to excessively whitewash yourselves. Smart people are not lacking in our times; it can be said that many students even adults take a beating just because they are too smart. I believe that any company needs people who are kind, right-minded, willing to take responsibilities and do things in a down-to-earth way.

I hope that you are full of brand new elements after return from school.