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Care for employees

Letter of Thanks


Dear leaders and colleagues:

 I am Tian Jianhong, an employee of Lanzhou CENTER. A magnitude-6.6 earthquake struck Minxian County at 7:45 in the morning of July 22, 2013. My family experienced unprecedented disaster. My home was adobe house; after earthquake, rear walls of central room and bedroom partially collapsed towards the inside of house, and most of furniture was damaged; walls showed severe crevices and tilted to the inside of house as a whole; part of roofs and walls of western bedroom collapsed, complicated by post-earthquake continuous strong rainfall for several days, part of house further collapsed; now the remaining part will fall down once touched and has become dangerous. Fortunately, my parents worked in farmland when earthquake occurred and were not injured. Now the government has not yet explicitly made disaster relief, we have no choice but to wait for news.

Natural disaster is ruthless, but love is boundless! This disaster involved our family in misfortune; however, we were also lucky. After leaders of our company were informed of such situation, they immediately initiated donation activity; the most sincere feelings, the most pristine loving heart and the most active actions of our company’s leaders and colleagues came to us, and you offered selfless help to us and greatly inspired us. You composed a deeply heart-warming movement which depicted unity in case of disaster.

Mr. Zhao, Manger of our company, Li Lin and Wang Ting drove for near 400km to my home for expressing sympathy and giving donated 30,701 yuan at weekends amidst busy work, which deeply moved and warmed my parents! Your generous donation made me feel kindheartedness and profound friendly sentiments of our company for every employee, and also deeply experience CENTER's corporate culture for care.

I and my family members hereby extend heartfelt thanks for your loving heart! Thank leaders and colleagues for your helping hand. Your care and spirit demonstrated to me great affection among brothers and sisters in the big family - CENTER, and CENTER is really my second hometown. 

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Once again, we thank CENTER’s leaders and colleagues from the bottom of my heart for sincere actions! I strongly believe that with enthusiastic help from CENTER’s leaders and colleagues, we will rebuild home as soon as possible; with such corporate culture, CENTER will become brighter and stronger in the future. I will certainly cherish this true feelings and double efforts in work, and repay CENTER’s leaders and colleagues for care with practical actions.

Finally, we wish CENTER’s leaders and all colleagues good health, smooth work, happiness for whole family, good luck, and wish our company more brilliant future!


Sincerely yours