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Care for employees

Care is Embodied in This


On August 13, Mr. Wei, Factory Director from Production Department, led Han Ying, Section Chief from Management Department, and Shi Xinguo, Leader of Four-faced Tongue-and-groove Team, and drove a car for more than 10km to visit the home of employee Wang Zhanjun and express sympathy and solicitude him. His mother passed away at the age of 59 due to cerebral thrombosis a week ago.

 Wang Zhanjun joined our company in March, 2013. Though he has worked in our company not for a long time, he has been highly appreciated by leaders and has also rapidly become frontline backbone employee in Four-faced Tongue-and-groove Team thanks to his positive, active and down-to-earth attitude towards work.

 On Monday, August 5, Wang Zhanjun was not available for work and did not ask for leave by telephone, which was not his work style shown previously and made me bewildered. With telephone calls made, he did not respond all the time; I thought that there was something wrong with his family; afterwards, I was informed by Factory Director that his mother passed away. Factory Director immediately asked me to arrange time for conveying sympathy to him on behalf of our company. We tried various means to get in touch with Wang Zhanjun as far as possible, later we got his wife's telephone from Management Department and asked for information, then we decided to visit his home for expressing sympathy on August 13.

Dongeitai Village is located in the easternmost part of Changziying and is adjacent to Fenghe, Caiyu Town in the east; the road to this village offered pleasant shade of green trees, weeping willow and beautiful scenery; however, we had no mood to appreciate this and were anxious to arrive at his home and see him at once. When we arrived, he waited for us at roadside; Factory Director shook hands with him, tears come into his eyes and he extended his thanks again and again. A man became so fragile certainly because he was overwhelmed by excitement and touch. Standing beside him, I felt grieved and thought that this was tears full of gratefulness which came from being respected. This gave full expression to "care" embedded in our corporate culture "integrity, dedication, care, innovation".

Our company with persistence in corporate culture is really a respectable big family. It not only provides us with job opportunities to ensure stable life for us, but also spiritually cares for us and gives warmth to employees to make us experience its care and feel that we are part of big family. I believed that Wang Zhanjun was not just moved but more felt grateful and rewarding at that time. I thought that he would convert the warmth and care which was brought to him by our company into a driving force for work so that he would work in more wholehearted way.

1.5 hours quickly elapsed; I really hoped to permanently retain time at the moment when we shook hands. I always ponder: we happily work in such a big family full of love, besides a sense of fulfillment from work, we also do not feel alone and embrace sunshine, experience warmth…CENTER International Group is taking concrete actions and will persistently do so to become a company as a respectable big family.