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Open Class Training Entitled Comprehensive Management Skill Improvement Training for New Managers



Our company designated Xie Li, Deputy Manager of this Group’s Design Department, to attend open class training entitled Comprehensive Management Skill Improvement Training for New Managers held by BESTWAY during March 26-27, 2014. Lecturer in this training was teacher Chen Yixin who is professional lecturer good at adopting various training means, and demonstrating clear thinking and logical rigor and is adept in teaching courses with popular and easy-to-understand language and detailed cases in a comprehensive and masterly way.  

This open class was designed to help new managers basically master management knowledge and skills necessary for effectively serving as manager within limited time, and enter desired roles as soon as possible and lay a solid foundation for future effective management.

  Teacher Chen provided much case analysis and enabled learning about application of practical tools during the 26th and 27th days, which made trainees get involved in comprehensive role shift on the following aspects:

  —Self-management, including setting an example, dealing with interpersonal relationship, and using analytical statement to turn knowledge into practice.

  —Work management, including development of thinking mode, goal attainment, and use of meeting recording tool for efficient meeting and performance tracking.

  —Personnel management, including employee management, assistance for superior, use of beer type feedback for efficient communication.

 Xie Li, Deputy Manager of Design Department, said that this training benefited me a lot and was very fruitful! Situational expression way was impressive, and lively atmosphere created by lecturer fully immersed everyone in this training.