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Project Plan and Control Management Practice Training



This Group unveiled training themed by Project Plan and Control Management Practice in March, 2014. This Group' leaders attached great importance to this training where many leaders of this Group participated in the whole process and communicated and learnt with trainees to arouse everyone's enthusiasm about learning.

Project management has very important position in today’s enterprise development and management. Project management is the important content in engineering construction project planning, engineering construction feasibility study, project location selection, engineering investigation and design. Project management assures the quality of project construction, reduces project construction costs, improves economic benefits of project, and ensures smooth implementation and completion of project, and can greatly promote project construction. As our company provides customers with integrated services covering design, manufacturing, installation and construction of high-end metal building cladding system, acoustic barrier system and steel structure, project management plays a very important role in overall work of our company, thus we launched this training themed by Project Plan and Control Management Practice.