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Smooth Launch of 2014 New Employee Induction Training



Under the guidance of core corporate value philosophy of "integrity, dedication, care, innovation", relevant leaders of various departments carried out two-week induction training for new employees to make them understand work functions of various departments, especially learning and mastering corporate culture and management system, getting familiar with job responsibilities, standard operating procedures, accurately understanding improvement in occupational skills and capability, assurance of work quality.

In the face of working system challenges from globalization, high quality and high efficiency, it is very necessary and efficient for this Group to conduct induction training for new employees; new employee training is win-win structure mode; training helps new employees better go into corporate culture, know well their job functions and responsibilities, and expands their cognition and innovations, and motivate them to grow so as to optimize internal corporate human resources, improve their executive force and working efficiency, and build stronger cohesive force within our company, and enhance its overall strength. New employee induction training enables them to not only better step into corporate culture, understand corporate development direction, clarify their career planning and objectives, but also vibrantly join and work in respectable enterprise as big family.