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Talent Management

Training Meeting for CENTER International Group's Sales and Project Personnel was Held on Time


In order to inherit corporate culture of our company, improve working capability of sales and project personnel, share and exchange working methods, our company decided to conduct sales and project personnel training under the theme "Addressing Real Practice and Solid Work, Analyzing Real Cases, Improving Business and Work Skills".

On September 13 and 14, sales and work elites from this Group, branches and subsidiaries got together at Beijing Sun-town Hotspring Resort in Shunyi District, Beijing. This was the largest training in our company’s history, in which there were near 200 participants. Sales session and project session were concurrently held in this training.

Sales session focused on analysis of current domestic market and future development of our company, analysis of excellent cases and competitors, key points for contract review, how to arrange work for payment collection and addition before signing contract, how to technically increase profits.

Project session concentrated on recent development and market position of our company, how to carefully and pragmatically work, do right thing in project, node treatment issues and methods for adding project costs. A wide range of knowledge, vivid explanation and wonderful cases presented by lecturers impressed trainees. In this training, everyone acquired much new knowledge covering operation, construction, bidding, additional project costs, which made everyone benefit a lot. This training enhanced cohesive force of our company and sense of group honor; it clarified code of conduct and guidelines for dealing with affairs for future work.

"As a nation becomes strong, a country will become powerful; likewise, as employees become strong, enterprise will become powerful". We hope that our employees always bear in mind responsibilities, guide our customers from professional perspective, and convey our service philosophy under the principle of mutual benefit, treat people with sincerity and have courage to assume responsibilities, unceasingly make innovations, strive to become outstanding employees so as to build the most powerful enterprise.