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                                                                     Test Center

                                                                        Test Center's equipments 


Microcomputer-controlled electronic universal tester: 

Product function: Measure yield strength and tensile strength of galvanized plate

Product principle: Obtain sample' yield strength and tensile strength on the basis of computer-displayed data analysis 

UV-light weather resistance test chamber: 

    Product function: Test ultraviolet ray and weather resistance of baking-finish product 

  Testing principle: Simulate sunshine and dew environment, simulate sunshine in terms of UV-light, simulate rainwater and dew in terms of condensed moisture, conduct alternating     cycle test on light ray and humidity where materials are placed under certain temperature. 

Testing criteria: Test whether sample shows color fading, color change, pulverization, cracks according to ASTM standard. 


As one of few manufacturers which have established specialized test center in the industry, CENTER exercises strict quality control for customers and ensures real and authentic materials for your projects.